July 10, 2019

eptos™ Release 5.6 will be published in July 2019!

by ParWebAcc-1 in Top News

The latest eptos™ Release 5.6 will be published in July 2019 and rolled out to the first customers.

The focal points of this release are the continuation of the implementation of the new user interface andusability topics. In addition, support for the implementation of master data consolidation projects was expanded and the connection to the eptos™ Search Engine was optimized.

The eptos™ Vendor and Producer Manager has been officially renamed to eptos™ Business Party Manager.

We announce the new eptos™ Publication Manager, which together with the eptos™ Spec Sheet Generator enables the generation of parts catalogs and data sheets.

The second new module released is the eptos™ Dictionary Transformation Manager, which supports mappings between dictonaries and dictionary upgrades (e.g. upgrading eCl@ss 7.0 to eCl@ss 11.0).

For more information on eptos™ Release 5.6, please contact marketing@paradine.at.

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