In this workshop you will get a brief introduction on ECLASS and how ECLASS can be used in electronic marketplaces and web-shops. You will learn about how to classify you products and how you can handle different ECLASS releases and mappings to other standards. You will learn how ECLASS data can be provided for commonly used catalog formats. In the following Q&A session we can discuss any open questions.


  • Get an overview on ECLASS and how ECLASS can be used in electronic market places and web-shops
  • Learn about catalog formats for market places and how to handle different ECLASS releases.

Target group

Target group of the workshop are heads of department, managers and experts in the following domains:

  • Material master data management
  • Procurement
  • Catalog data
  • Product information management
  • Corporate application management
  • Spare parts management
  • Software Tools and Applications


  • Advantages of ECLASS for marketplaces/web shops
  • Classify products according to ECLASS
  • ECLASS Releasemanagement
  • Mapping to other standards
  • Delivery of ECLASS data in the web shop/marketplace
  • Preparation of the product data
  • Q&A