Paradine provides with the eCl@ss-API a Software-Library, which makes it easier to integrate the eCl@ss standard in application systems and to toughen up systems to read and write eCl@ss-compliant data. As part of the integration of the eCl@ss API, mappings of the eCl@ss structure elements are created for your native structure elements.

The eCl@ss e.V. offers the eCl@ss classification standard to establish an international, cross-industry, multi-lingual classification and product description standard.

Products and services can be classified and described with specific properties. The standard is provided in the form of so called Dictionaries in eCl@ss-XML-format.

With release of eCl@ss 7.0 additionally to the previously offered BASIC version (flatt attributes), the ADVANCED version is now available. The ADVANCED Version of eCl@ss uses new structural elements such as blocks, cardinality, or polymorphism to map complex products. More and more software vendors implement eCl@ss to offer customers the opportunity to participate in structured electronic exchange of product data according to the eCl@ss standard.


Target group

  • Software vendors and developers who want to toughen up their systems to process eCl@ss Dictionaries and eCl@ss compliant product data (CAx, PLM, ERP, eCatalog systems, product configurators and databases,…)

Application scenarios

  • Create and maintain an electronic product catalog for eCl@ss Release 7.0 ADVANCED BMEcat 2005.1
  • Create and deploy catalog templates according to eCl@ss Release 7.0 BASIC for suppliers

Scope of services

  • Import of eCl@ss Dictionaries in eCl@ss-XML forma and mapping of dictionaries
  • Process of eCl@ss BASIC and ADVANCED data
  • Provide all eCl@ss classes and eCl@ss contained structural elements (attributes, list of properties, units,…etc.) in eCl@ss XML schema
  • Support for search and list of objects
  • Read, edit and create eCl@ss catalog templates
  • Read, write and edit BMEcat2005.1 catalog files
  • Support of different eCl@ss Releases

Scope of delivery

  • Software Library (DLL)
  • Demo-Program
  • Documentation

Our offer

  • Software-License
  • Maintenance and support
  • Implementation support (optional)

Technical requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows7®, 32 und 64bit systems



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