Phoenix Contact is using eCatCreator for verification of product master data created in PhoenixContact Product Information Management (PIM) System in eCl@ss ADVANCED data format.

“By using eCatCreator from Paradine implementation time of eCl@ss ADVANCED in our PIM system was reduced.”
Dipl. -Ing. Josef Schmelter, Master Specialist Classification

Project Requirements

For many years Phoenix Contact uses a Product Information Management (PIM) system for maintenance of product master data. The PIM system is the source for several applications such as print and online catalogs, datasheets and configurators providing product master data in up to 23 languages. The PIM system had to be expanded to implement the requirement of providing product master data for different classification standards, so that the data can be used in customer applications. To support its processes electrical wholesale needs manufacturer product data based on ETIM classification standard. To support e-procurement processes of customers and provide engineering data for CAE systems eCl@ss classification system in ADVANCED data format has to be supported.

Solution approach

In cooperation with Paradine and the PIM system supplier several releases of the eCl@ss classification standard in ADVANCED data format have been implemented (concept creation, data modeling, Q&A). Adjustments of the PIM were implemented as well as essential new functionality was added allowing the mapping of own product structural elements to the respective eCl@ss structural elements. Once the mappings of all relevant eCl@ss ADVANCED characteristics of a class have been created, all maintained product master data associated with this class are automatically copied to the eCl@ss properties. The generated eCl@ss based product data is exported the BMEcat format and provided in the customer required languages.


With “eCatCreator” Paradine provides a fast and cost-effective PC based software solution for the fast and easy creation of product descriptions based on eCl@ss. By using eCatCreator from Paradine, electronic product catalogues can be created quickly and provided to customers, in BMEcat format based on eCl@ss BASIC and ADVANCED data model. eCatCreator allows users to import, modify and verify compliance (aspects, blocks, cardinality, polymorphism, etc.) of eCl@ss and BMEcat based electronic catalogs. eCatCreator also supports mappings between eCl@ss BASIC and ADVANCED data model and enables the conversion of product data from eCl@ss ADVANCED to BASIC data model and vice versa.

Benefits of eCatCreator for Phoenix Contact

  • Prompt provision of reference data for own system implementation
  • Verification of own eCl@ss implementation in Phoenix Contact PIM system
  • Validation of electronic product catalogs exported from Phoenix Contact PIM system
  • Fast creation and provision of test catalogs for Phoenix contact in the eCl@ss ADVANCED format at an early stage
  • Mapping of Phoenix Contact product descriptions from eCl@ss ADVANCED to eCl@ss BASIC

About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is the worldwide market leader of components, systems and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Today, the family-owned company employs 13,000 people worldwide and had a turnover of 1.64 billion euros in 2013. The corporate headquarters is located in Blomberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Phoenix Contact Group has nine companies as well as 50 sales subsidiaries. In addition, the worldwide presence is consolidated by 30 representations in Europe and Overseas.



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