eCatCreator™ supports relibable electronic product data exchange by enabling the users to easy and fast create eCl@ss based electronic product descriptions and support the eCl@ss workflow.


  • Create and provide electronic product catalogs based on eCl@ss lists of properties
  • Considering eCl@ss directive for product data in BMEcat 2005.1 format
  • Supports eCl@ss data model in BASIC and ADVANCED format (including aspects, blocks, cardinality, polymorphism, Units etc.)
  • Supports all modern eCl@ss Releases
  • Create, read and apply eCl@ss templates as well as private catalog templates
  • Switch between eCl@ss BASIC and ADVANCED including takeover of content
  • Full support of eCl@ss Workflow documents
    (Query, Request, Response, Product)
  • Create electronic catalogs in BMEcat 2005.1 and ISO 29002-10 data format
  • Export catalog data in xls format
  • Export datasheets in pdf format
  • Functionality to compare products
  • Supports different pricing models and ordering information
  • Loading dictionaries in OntoML format
    (according ISO 13584-32)
  • Creation of multilingual catalogs
  • Operating System: MS Windows®
  • Supports eCl@ss XML 2.0 and 0

Information about eCatCreator™ User Webinar can be found here.





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