eCatCreator supports easy and fast creation of electronic catalogs based on eCl@ssclassification and properties.

eCatCreator is an easy-to-use PC application for creating electronic catalogs and product descriptions in BMEcat format based on eCl@ss list of properties. Supports eCl@ss Releases 6.0 and above.


  • Create electronic catalogs in BMEcat format based on eCl@ss list of properties
  • eCatCreator is compatible with eCl@ss Releases 6.0 and above
  • Reads structure files in OntoML format (ISO 13584-32)
  • Hierarchical selection of classes and properties within the eCl@ss classification tree
  • Clear creating, viewing, editing and comparing of catalogs
  • Multiple editing of catalogs with Microsoft Excel™ as well as Import and Export possibility
  • Multilingual catalogs
  • Filter functions and useful features for efficient and time-saving work
  • Support both eCl@ss BASIC and ADVANCED data format
  • Covers customer-specific product information
  • Export of electronic catalogs including BMEcat 2005.1 (according to BMEcat-eCl@ss-Guideline)
  • Easy-to-install PC application for Windows 7™, Windows 8™, Windows 8.1™ and Windows 10™
  • Covers different pricing models and order information

Pls. note that licenses for eCl@ss dictionary is NOT included in eCatCreator license

Application scenarios

  • Easy and fast creation of electronic catalogs
  • Customer specific adaption of electronic catalogs
  • Check and view electronic catalogs provided from suppliers for takeover


Information about eCatCreator™ User Webinar can be found here.



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