The ECLASS Reference-Application supports you to speed up your ECLASS implementation and increase implementation quality by easy verification against “THE STANDARD”!

The target group includes software providers, catalog providers and ECLASS users who want to ensure that their ECLASS implementation and catalogs are correct and according the standard.

The ECLASS Reference-Application is a PC-based application for companies to verify ECLASS related technical concepts or ECLASS based electronic product data.

It is a software that implements ECLASS and is the reference for all other implementations of ECLASS.  The main function is to enable the ECLASS community to practically check their theoretical concepts and the implementation of the ECLASS standard.

The ECLASS Reference-Application comes optionally with a maintenance and support contract and is updated for each new release to support new introduced data formats or content elements e.g. ECLASS XML 3.0, BMEcat2005.1, ISO29002-10, etc.

The ECLASS Reference-Application is a cooperation between ECLASS e.V. and Paradine. Paradine is also responsible for support and maintenance of the software.

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