eptos™ Online Repositories support companies and organizations to work with consistent, master data throughout the organization.

The eptos™ Base Module includes basic functionalities to develop and maintain electronic master data repositories.
Depending on customer requirements eptos™ Base Modul is completed with additional eptos™ standard modules.

Feature list:

  • Web-based portal-solution
  • User and role management
  • User self-registration
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Voting-engine
  • Mapping-engine
  • Workflow-engine
  • Business-rule checks
  • Logging-functionalities
  • Discussion-forum
  • Email-connector
  • Versioning and revisioning of structural elements
  • Predecessor and successor relationship
  • Cross-references
  • Online-help (user specific adaptable)
  • Secure web-server (https)
  • Secured client-logon
  • Multilingual (User interface and data content)