In this workshop you will get an introduction on how anybody can participate in the content development for the ECLASS classification and product description. After an overview how to register in the ECLASS Content Development Platform (www.eclass-cdp.com) you will learn how easy it is to apply for new elements (class, property, value, etc.) or change an existing element. You will also learn about the ECLASS release strategy and how ECLASS plans to speed up the usage of new elements by ECLASS accelerated in the future. In the following Q&A session we can discuss any open questions.


  • Overview how to apply for new elements (class, property, value, etc.) or change existing elements in ECLASS classification and product description standard
  • Learn about the ECLASS release process and how this will be improved in the future with ECLASS accelerated

Target group

Target group of the workshop are heads of department, managers and experts in the following domains.

  • Material master data
  • Procurement
  • Standardization
  • Catalog data
  • Content management
  • IT-management
  • Spare parts management
  • SW-tools and applications


  • ECLASS short overview
  • ECLASS release and change management
  • ECLASS content development platform
  • Registration and login
  • Creation of change request
  • Processing and approval of change request
  • Outlook ECLASS Accelerated
  • Q&A