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eptos™ - Dictionary Manager

Copyright Fotolia / Yuri Arcurseptos™ Online Repositories support companies and organizaions to work with consistent, master data throughout the organization.

eptos™ Dictionary Manager provides functionality to develop and maintain of master data dictionaries.

Feature list

eptos™ Dictionary Manager

eptos™ Dictionary Manager provides functionality to develop and maintain of master data dictionaries.


  • eptos™ Base Module

Feature list

  • Development and maintenance of ISO 13548/IEC61360 compliant master data dictionaries
  • Discussion forum for dictionary elements
  • Change management engine for dictionary elements
  • Development and administration of dictionary releases
  • Export of Transaction Update Files (TUF)
  • Export of Structure Difference Files (SDF)
  • Usage of quantities and units of measures
  • Import and export of dictionary elements in DIN4002 format (optional)
  • Import and export of dictionary elements in PROLIST-XML format (optional)
  • Import and export of dictionary elements in ISO 13584-32 (ontoML) format (optional)
  • Export of dictionary elements in ISO 13584-35 (xls) format (optional)


Also the following master data dictionaries are based on eptos™ technology ...


Audi AG -  tBEST

technische Beschaffungssteuerung


AVL List GmbH

Global Classification


   Bundesbeschaffungs GmbH

   eCatalog.Service Portal


eCl@ss e.V.

Content Development Platform





   Siemens AG

   Content Classification Portal

Paradine eptos™ Online Repositories

Paradine eptos™ Online Repositories

Today companies deploy a wide range of IT-systems to support business processes and exchange information. One of the critical success factors is the reliable administration and electronic exchange of materials master data, product master data and services master data between systems within the organization as well as to suppliers and customers. Our global markets as well require the support of increasing numbers of different language versions.

Errors due to misunderstandings, wrong interpretation or translations or words, features or symbols result in high expenses and drive product and service prices.

eptos™ Product Master Data Repositories support companies and organizations to overcome this problems and support the development and provision of corporate wide consolidated and multi-language product master data. Consistent master data will be provided to all connected application systems (ERP, CAx, PDM, eCatalogues, etc).

eptos™ supports you in organization wide administration of:
  • Classification systems including mappings
  • Properties for describing products and services
  • Quantities and Units of Measure including conversion factors
  • Multilingual Terminology and naming catalogs
  • Code sets, basic material data and basic material attributes
  • Graphical symbols and documents
  • Electronic catalogs as well as requirement specification for tendering

eptos™ Modules

The eptos™ Framework consists of the eptos™ Base Module and a number of additional modules.

Currently the following modules are available:

  • eptos™ - Basis Module
  • eptos™ - Catalog Manager
  • eptos™ - Change Request Manager
  • eptos™ - Classification Manager
  • eptos™ - Classification Rule Manager
  • eptos™ - Code Set Manager
  • eptos™ - Dictionary Manager
  • eptos™ - Document Manager
  • eptos™ - Item Manager
  • eptos™ - Material Manager
  • eptos™ - Quantities and Units of Measure Manager
  • eptos™ - Report Writer
  • eptos™ - Search Engine
  • eptos™ - Service Broker
  • eptos™ - Spec Sheet Generator
  • eptos™ - Template Manager
  • eptos™ - Tender Manager
  • eptos™ - Terminology Manager
  • eptos™ - Flex.Classification (SAP)
  • eptos™ - Flex.MaterialCockpit (SAP)

International standards

Paradine makes considerable ongoing investments in national, European and international standardization activities to ensure that our software solutions are based on solid and stable data models and data exchange formats. This secures the investments of our customers on a long term basis.

Paradine also support the following standards:

  • ISO 8000
  • ISO 13584
  • ISO 22745
  • ISO 23584
  • ISO 29002
  • CPV
  • GPC
  • proficl@ss
  • ETIM
  • corporate standards



 Datenblatt eptos-Produktstammdaten-Repository (DE)

More information:

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