June 27, 2023

Review of our last events!

by Kristina Vidmar in Top News

We are excited about the successful events where we were represented with a booth! 🚀

We were present at the Maintenance Days (Salzburg), the BME eSolutions Days (Düsseldorf) and the ÖPWZ in Waidhofen. It was great to have interesting conversations and make new contacts. 💬

A major issue that arises in all areas of companies is the challenge of central material master data management. We know how important it is to have a reliable database for good supply chains and sustainable processes. That’s why we offer our eptos™ product to keep data sustainably clean and solve data management problems. 💡

Our comprehensive service includes strategic consulting in material master data management, product classification, and industry-specific standards. We provide MDM services such as an inventory to assess current data quality, on-site data collection (if required), data enrichment, cleansing and duplicate checking, and mapping product classifications and assessments to various standards. 📊

Our eptos™ software product, as a single point of truth, rounds off our offering and supports companies in the efficient management of their data.

If you have any questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us! 💪

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DIG Partnertag 

Instandhaltungstage Messe Salzburg, 20230615 Foto: wildbild, Herbert Rohrer

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