eptos™ Single Point of Truth

for Corporate wide Master Data Management

Eliminate data redundancy across the enterprise with eptos™ from Paradine. Instead of capturing and maintaining data in redundant data silos, eptos™ provides a centralized solution for capturing and maintaining material master data needed across multiple enterprise application systems.

Eliminate your Data Redundancies

Eliminate your data redundancies in capturing and maintaining material master data across the enterprise.

Paradine's eptos™ master data system

With eptos™ from Paradine, you get a master data management system where you capture and maintain material master data across the enterprise in a single point of truth and make it available to all relevant  target systems (ERP, PLM, CAx, PIM,…).

Challenges of Managing Material Master Data & Our Solutions

Material master data are required in many application systems in the company. The depth of description varies from system to system. For example, engineering systems require very detailed information about products. In ERP systems, much less data is needed to describe products.

In many companies, material master data is captured and maintained in redundant data silos in the individual application systems. This results in high costs for multiple data entry and maintenance. Ensuring high data quality is also a major issue. When errors are detected in one system, it is often unclear which other systems may be affected.

Paradine’s eptos™ master data system, as the central system, provides the link to all relevant enterprise applications. The master data structures (dictionary) are set up in a uniform manner. The description depth for the individual systems are being defined and can be adapted at any time. Electronic takeover of product data from manufacturer or supplier when creating material master data additionally increases data quality and reduces effort. A central master data team works efficiently. Paradine also offers outsourcing for master data entry and ongoing data maintenance.