For the introduction of PRO-SPEC, we offer you the execution of a webinar with up to 6 participants.

This webinar gives you an overview of the PROLIST NE 100 and the inquiry process and shows you at which points in the workflow PRO-SPEC is used.

  • Description                    Webinar
  • Date                               to be agreed
  • Duratation                     about 1,5 hours
  • Consultant                    Senior Consultant of Paradine


  • Overview NE 100 Workflow
  • Overview PRO-SPEC


  • PROLIST Workflow overview and inquiry process
  • Discussion, Q&A

If you are interested in specific topics, communicate this to your order. A vote and review of the webinar topics (themes weighting) for your business is of course possible.

For the webinar software WebEx is used. To check whether in your company to participate in a Webinar using WebEx, please test your connection and your browser by going to test the WebEx Meeting:

The dial in for the voice connection can be made by phone (dial-in number in the UK) or via Voice-over-IP (a headset is required).