The management of master data is becoming increasingly important in technological fields. In contrast to the constantly changing transactional data describes master data consistent information, there are properties of customers, suppliers, locations and products.

Master data of products (product features) are available throughout the lifecircle of a product and must therefore also be carried across system as well as exchanged, adapted and transferred.

Paradine supports you in building and managing enterprise-wide available, multilingual product master data.

A major challenge is to manage product master data not only in your own IT system and keep them stable, but to exhange and reconcile them to other various used enterprise IT system and to systems of customers and suppliers.

The systems and consulting services offered by Paradine are based on internationally established and stable standards and classification standards which already have been implemented successfully in global companies and organization.

The supported standards include among others:

  • DIN 4000        List of properties
  • DIN 4002        Properties and scope for product data exchange
  • ISO 13584      Industrial automation systems and integration – Parts library
  • ISO 23584      Optics and photonics – Specification of reference dictionary
  • ISO 29002      Industrial automation systems and integration – Exchange of characteristic data
  • ISO 8000        Data quality – Master data
  • IEC 61360       Component Data Dictionary (CDD)

Supported classification systems:

  • CPV
  • ETIM
  • GPC
  • proficl@ss

Project Reference AT&S AG:

Paradine supports the AT&S AG implementing ECLASS in their spare parts management at the production sites in Europe, India and China. The project achieved the following results:

  • Reduction of spare parts (ERSA) by 43,75%
  • Reduction of capital tied up in ERSA by 20%
  • Reducing the number of suppliers by 47%
  • Return on Investment in less than 7 months.

Take the advantage of the potential of a company-wide master data management solution and a security of investment, you benefit from long-term.

More information about AT&S AG Success-stories can be found here or you can download it: AT&S-Success-Story-EN

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