Paradine is named from eCl@ss officially eCl@ss Implementation Competence Center. We offer consulting and implementation support in all phases of the introduction of eCl@ss in your company. We guide you from conception to going live with eCl@ss and provide you with our experienced team to implement eCl@ss efficient and sustainable in your company.

An implementation of eCl@ss within an organization is always connected to specific goals like reducing costs or enhancing business processes. eCl@ss can support cost reductions in procurement as well as harmonization of material data or the provision of product data for customers.

Before starting an eCl@ss implementations project the requirements and goals have to be defined and internally aligned.

Paradine offers consulting and implementation services in all phases of the introduction of eCl@ss in your organization. We support you from the conception and design phase to going-live as well as in the ongoing maintenance work. Our experienced and highly motivated team ensures an efficient future proven implementation.

We offer to you:

  • Consulting, conceptual support and guidance in the implementation of eCl@ss
  • Support in the implementation of corporate-wide and system spanning master data management based on eCl@ss
  • Services for classification and consolidation of your material data
  • Services for data-cleansing and data-consolidation
  • Software-solutions for corporate wide classification of products and services
  • Services for the development and maintenance of electronic catalogues
  • Consulting for the connection to electronic market-places
  • Implementation and adaption of system-interfaces
  • Implementation of application systems (ERP-, PDM-, PLM-, CAx-systems)
  • Operation and maintenance of classification systems
  • Project management

Benefits of eCl@ss using the example of AT&S AG

Paradine supported AT&S AG, one of the leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards in Europe and India and with significant presence in China, in the implementation of eCl@ss for spare parts management. By implementing eCl@ss impressive results could be achieved.

  • Reducing the number of spare parts by 43,75%
  • Reducing capital lockup for spare parts by 20%
  • Reducing the number of suppliers by 47%
  • Return on Investment for the project was achieve within 7 month


  • AT&S AG
  • Carl Zeiss AG
  • PEPPOL Consortium (Europe-wide public procurement)
  • Siemens AG