eCl@ss Implementation Competence Center

Paradine is named from eCl@ss officially eCl@ss Implementation Competence Center.

We offer consulting and implementation support in all phases of the introduction of eCl@ss in your company. We guide you from conception to going live with eCl@ss and provide you with our experienced team to implement eCl@ss efficient and sustainable in your company.

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The management of master data is becoming increasingly important in technological fields. In contrast to the constantly changing transactional data describes master data consistent information, there are properties of customers, suppliers, locations and products.

Master data of products (product features) are available throughout the lifecircle of a product and must therefore also be carried across system as well as exchanged, adapted and transferred.

Paradine supports you in building and managing enterprise-wide available, multilingual product master data.

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The provision and use of product catalogs in electronic form is indispensable in today’s business processes. The effort to provide electronic catalogs in accordance with the wishes of the customers may be enormous. Similarly, the use of electronic catalogs in purchasing or dealer is often associated with high costs and extensive manual effort.

Paradine assists you in working efficiently with electronic catalogs. The use of standards plays a major role.

We support the implementation of established standards in order to save money by modern and efficient catalog management costs and effort and become even more competitive.

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Paradine is since 2003 active consultant for PROLIST and is developer and operator of the PROLIST server. We have significantly contributed building up the PROLIST XML format and the PROLIST data model.

For companies that intend to implement the PROLIST NE 100 standard, we offer consulting and implementation support.

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