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eCl@ss China Community Meeting on July 17, 2018


eCl@ss Users and Leads Meeting - eCl@ss China Community


With the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) propagating the "Made in China 2025" plan and other State Ministries formulating related strategies to upgrade the vast landscape of Chinese producing industries and to promote an own digitalisation and automation agenda, China's demand for an internationally established classification system seems apparent.


But even though a vivid interest in information about eCl@ss has been expressed from public offices (MIIT, CNIS), from leading research institutes (ITEI) as well as from several of the most important Global Players of Chinese economy (SINOPEC, Petrochina, Huawei, Yutong among others), there has been no widespread exposure of eCl@ss in relevant Chinese associations and industries as of yet. One reason for this rather slow development is, that one of the original success factors in the eCl@ss growth in Europe, the construction of an interactively progressing network, has not taken root in China yet: not only is there a lack of high-profile eCl@ss implementation pilot projects in China, but what is more, most active European eCl@ss members have yet to establish an eCl@ss related network within their own branches and subsidiaries.


This eCl@ss users and leads-meeting in Beijing is meant to set up the foundation of an eCl@ss China Community to address just this problem: we want to open new channels of communication not only between like minded eCl@ss members and their Chinese subsidiaries, but also towards potential clients and partners, suppliers and service providers. We want to establish a platform to help eCl@ss members and users to reach out with their China-specific problems and ideas, to bundle their resources and to help each other to find new solutions and strategies to connect with their Chinese counterparts.


Agenda for July 17th, 2018 at Siemens Beijing

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