Webinar: ECLASS Advanced (Chinese)

In this workshop you will get an introduction to the eCl@ss ADVANCED data model. You will get an overview on the use cases for eCl@ss ADVANCED. You will learn about the specific data elements of eCl@ss ADVANCED and you will see examples how it can be used. You will receive a brief introduction in the eCl@ss workflow which is used to communicate detailed product specifications with your suppliers. In the following Q&A session we can discuss any open questions.



  • Get an overview on eCl@ss ADVANCED data model and specific data elements
  • Learn about use cases for eCl@ss ADVANCED and the eCl@ss Workflow to exchange product specifications and product data electronically with manufacturers and suppliers

Target group

Target group of the workshop are heads of department, managers and experts in the following domains:

  • Material master data management
  • Procurement
  • Standardization
  • Catalog data
  • Product information management
  • Corporate application management
  • Spare parts management
  • Software Tools and Applications


  • Overview eCl@ss Advanced data model
  • Differences between eCl@ss Basic and Advanced
  • eCl@ss Advanced data elements
  • Electronic exchange of product specifications with manufacturers and suppliers
  • eCl@ss workflow
  • Q&A


  • Duration:            1,5 hours
  • Date:                    12.5.2020
  • Consultant:         1 Paradine Senior Consultant
  • Cost:                    RMB 200 per person per Webinar for eCl@ss members
    RMB 280 per person per Webinar for non-eCl@ss members




May 12 2020


08:00 - 09:30



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