eCatCreator™ Introduction – Overview (English)

Due to the big interest, Paradine is offering a 1-day eCatCreator™ webinar on 5th of May in 2020.

The new eCatCreator™ Release 1.5 has been released in 2019. The eCatCreator™ supports the eCl@ss workflow and from Release 1.5 eCl@ss XML 3.0, which is also used by eCl@ss in Release 11.0.

A short info about the training content:

  • eCatCreator overview
  • Installation and licensing
  • Basic functions of eCatCreator
  • Creation of product descriptions
  • Supported data formats
  • eCl@ss workflow
  • Q&A


  • In the workflow, the participants have the opportunity to carry out practical exercises on the eCl@ss workflow on their own computer.
  • An active eCatCreator license is required to participate

More information about the eCatCreator ™ can be found here.





May 06 2020


13:00 - 16:00



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